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What Is Vendor Request Form

18 Apr What Is Vendor Request Form

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The following instructions apply to the basic creation of a provider (provider). Depending on the purpose of the supplier (supplier) and the information available, additional fields can be used. This form must be completed by the Samford employee before completing a purchase requisition. We apologize for the inconvenience, but to protect everyone from SPAM, you must enable JavaScript in your browser to submit forms on our website. Please note that the following reasons are NOT reasons to add a new address if all other address information matches an existing address: The first step is to search for the provider in KFS. Please follow these instructions to learn how to do this: The following instructions apply to adding a new address to a vendor (vendor). Depending on the purpose of the update and the information available, other updates may be made to the vendor`s registration, such as reactivating an existing vendor record.B. When you`re done, send the document for delivery to the Supply Chain Management Supplier Services team. You receive an FYI of the document in your KFS action list when the vendor record is added. Where can I find the vendor request: In KFS, click Go in the left menu and type the word vendor to access the document… .

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